UX Research

Make informed design and content decisions based on data. Uncover clear, actionable insights by analyzing actual user behavior.


UX research leads to increased user satisfaction and higher conversion rates. Insights gained through research guide experiences, content, and features that are fine-tuned to the specific needs and behaviors of your end users.

Avoid Echo Chambers

Insights – directly from users – drive better decision making about your product or website. By incorporating research into the design, content, and build processes, you avoid making anecdotal and subjective decisions that may not account for the evolving needs of your audience.

When should UX research happen?

The best time to start UX research was yesterday – the next best time is now. UX research takes many forms and tactics and can happen before UX/UI design begins, or can be performed on existing websites and applications. If you’re updating your digital strategy and haven’t already engaged with a UX research company, now is the time!

When creating a new website or application, ux research is most effective when performed before you move into design. Insights from research inform content, naming conventions, design patterns, and aesthetic.

For live websites or applications, UX research determines whether the users’ needs are truly being met. The UX research process informs changes to design, user interface, or content.

How we work with your team

We work with you to identify which data points will provide the most value, and create a custom research plan for your specific pain points and objectives.

We work with teams who need an end-to-end research process, as well as alongside seasoned UX teams to achieve greater insight and velocity. We’ll right-size the types and extent of testing to suit your organization, your budget, and your timeline. 

Frequently asked questions about UX Research:

What sort of test users participate in UX research?

Users or prospective users of the website or application participate in the research process. We recruit, or work with our clients to recruit, people whose intuitions and behaviors are most relevant to the product.

Is it safe to skip UX research if I know my users?

 There’s really no replacement for real-world UX research and testing. No matter how well you think you know your users, you’re certain to uncover new insights, pain points, and opportunities. TLDR: you’ll be glad you did.