UX Design

Backed by research, testing, and best practices, we design intuitive web applications that delight users and drive results.

Our UX Approach

We start by understanding user behaviors, pain points, and goals. We combine usability testing and UX best practices to ensure our design meets the needs of real users.

Application Design

Our UX designers blend creativity, technical expertise, and user insights to create intuitive and engaging web applications.

We can design web-based applications from scratch or provide usability testing, design enhancements, and redesigns for existing applications.

Our team also has experience creating design systems that work across a suite of applications. We understand the importance of maintaining consistency while accommodating the unique requirements of each product.

How we work with your team

We’re an end-to-end resource for UX research, testing, and design, or we can augment your existing design team.

We work directly with development teams, provide design guidance, implementation feedback, and ongoing collaboration during the application build.

We’re excited to work on your new build or enhance your existing platform, bringing agile best practices to our client collaboration.

Frequently asked question about UX Design:

Can you work with an existing design or branding for my web application?

Absolutely! We understand the value of maintaining brand consistency. Our UX design team can seamlessly integrate your existing design or branding elements into the web application.

What types of user testing do you provide?

We perform user surveys, session recording, video testing, heatmap analysis, and treejack testing. Visit our usability testing page to learn more about these services.

Where is your UX design team based?

Our team was originally based in Philadelphia, but we are now fully distributed across the United States. We leverage a variety of collaborative tools to make sure that our design process comes to life even across geographies and time zones.