Usability Testing

Stop guessing how to make your website better — get real insights from actual end users through usability testing.


Experience your site through the eyes of actual users – gain invaluable insights to craft intuitive navigation, design frictionless user journeys, and write high-performing content.

Busting common myths about usability testing

MYTH: Our site/product must be built before we can test.

TRUTH: We don’t need to wait for development to be done or a product to be built to glean actionable insights from real, relevant users.

Whether launching a new site, a full redesign, or making UX enhancements, you can gain valuable insights from sitemap testing, card sorting, and first click testing before the product is built — getting the most out of your investment on Day 1.

MYTH: Usability testing is essentially just a more complex version of QA to find bugs and errors.

TRUTH: While usability testing does uncover bugs and errors, its primary focus is on understanding user behavior, needs, and satisfaction.

It examines how users interact with a site, identifies areas of confusion, and uncovers pain points or obstacles in the user journey.

User testing can help you:

  • Put information where users expect to find it
  • Strengthen your content strategy
  • Keep users on pages longer
  • Create more effective CTAs
  • Drive conversions

How we work with your team

We generate a custom testing plan that takes into consideration your project, its goals, and what you want to understand about your users with tactics and sample sizes that fit your budget — even small sample sizes glean valuable insights.

We’re happy to work collaboratively in a number of ways to make your website or platform better for users:

  • We can execute testing and synthesize the results andprovide recommendations for your design and development teams to implement.
  • We can recruit and vet participants, leave it to your team, or a bit of both. We can find qualified test users within and adjacent to your organization and existing customer base or ensure that we’re running the highest quality tests with qualified users “in the wild.”

You’ll receive actionable data to bring to leadership that helps your team align faster on decision-making, especially useful for high-profile, organization-wide projects like an enterprise website redesign.

Frequently asked questions about Usability Testing:

When should we prioritize user testing in a website redesign project?

Usability testing ideally occurs throughout the process of creating a new website, starting with an initial baseline for the current site and extending through to post-launch testing and analysis. More commonly, testing is performed at the sitemap phase, during design mockups to validate navigation assumptions, and after an initial prototype is ready for basic interactions.

Can you test mobile apps and software applications?

Yes! If it has (or will have) users, we can test it. Our usability testing process applies to software applications, mobile apps, websites, and web apps.

What timeline and budget should I expect for usability testing?

The answer depends on factors like the scope of the project, the testing methods employed, and whether your user base is broad or niche. Usability testing ranges from quick, low-cost approaches to more extensive studies, and we can recommend the most impactful tactics for your budget and goals.