Brand Identity

Your brand identity evokes the story of who you are, what you do, what you value and who you do it for — positioning your organization one of its kind in the eyes of your audiences.


A successful brand identity is more than a logo. It’s a cohesive experience that imparts feeling to your audience — from your name and wordmark to your messaging, voice, color palette, typography, imagery, and more.

– Forbes

Personality where it counts

Stand out with a consistent and memorable brand experience that resonates, evokes emotion, and builds trust with your audiences.

Your brand’s identity is the foundation of your audience’s perception, and guides the execution of marketing campaigns, website experiences, product designs, and customer experience strategies.

Creating and adopting a new identity can be daunting, especially for established and multifaceted brands with large stakeholder groups.

Guided by discovery, research, and stakeholder & user input, our designers and strategists collaborate with your team to understand key differentiators, achieve alignment, and ease decision-making.

Brand identity is so much more than a good aesthetic and a well-written narrative; it is the window to the core of your ecosystem, sharing with the world why your brand exists and what problems you are here to solve.


How we work with your team

Our approach to creating a brand identity prioritizes the individuality of each client organization. The best results come from a mix of intuition, creativity, and strong data.

Drawing on core competencies in visual design, brand positioning, and messaging strategy, our team of strategists and designers bring a fresh approach that helps you stand out from the crowd, delights internal and external audiences, and contributes to future growth.

For brands that are multifaceted — covering multiple departments, sister organizations, or sub-brands — we create identity systems and related brand identities that align together to scale for the future.

Demystifying Brand Identity

We’ve worked with a wide array of organizations and industries to create impactful Brand Identities. We’re ready to hear your questions and curiosities whenever you’re ready to start the conversation.

Can you help us change our current brand name or create a new one?

Yes, ES has helped many clients across a variety of industries re-evaluate their existing names and create new names for startups and new initiatives, products, and services. Whenever possible, our approach is guided by research to inform the recommended direction and options.

What’s the difference between brand positioning and brand identity?

While different strategies, neither can be truly successful without the other. Brand positioning is more strategic and defines a brand’s current market space and future direction, while identity includes the more conceptual visual, verbal, and experiential facets of a brand that cast a memorable impression.