Analytics & Website Optimization

Track relevant metrics, gain key insights, and use data to optimize your website and inform digital marketing strategies.


We synthesize analytics data into actionable insights, user experience enhancements, search engine optimization tactics, and digital strategy recommendations.

Our approach to analytics

We cut through “vanity” metrics to focus on what matters. We start by identifying which user actions have the most direct impact on your business.

Our team uses data to generate specific recommendations to enhance user experience, optimize for search, and increase conversion rates.


We track, extract, and analyze raw data from multiple sources and combine it into C-suite compatible summaries that provide actionable plans and tactics.

Insights – not just data – at every step

Analytics insights are embedded in our processes at every step. We use data to validate design decisions, inform content strategy, improve user experience, and drive ongoing website optimization.

Our website management team proactively reviews analytics and refines your digital strategy.

We provide specific steps to improve search positioning, optimize ad

We provide actionable steps to improve search positioning, optimize ad spend, attract & convert leads, or implement improvements to the design and functionality of your site. 

We implement the right tracking tools and create reporting dashboards to surface key insights at-a-glance. Our dashboards are optimized for common use-cases, but are customized to suit your specific goals and connect to your datasources.

How we work with your team

We work with organizations that are building an analytics and reporting practice from the ground-up, as well as add value to existing data & UX teams looking to take their analytics to the next level.

We work with a variety of tech stacks and third party platforms. We can leverage your existing tools and infrastructure or use them as datasources for custom reports.

Which analytics tools do you use?

We most commonly use Google Analytics and Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), but have experience with other packages as well. Have a question about whether we can work with your analytics stack? Please reach out!

Can you also analyze heatmaps and session recordings?

Yes, we use tools such as Hotjar, Fullstory, and Microsoft Clarity to go beyond metrics and gain insight into real user behavior.