Website Design

Award winning, elegantly crafted, expertly coded, and rigorously tested. Our web design practice is informed by strategy and executed with precision.

A different kind of web design agency

We blend timeless design principles with UX/UI best practices to create delightful and performant user-focused websites.

Delightful experiences for users; valuable and effective business tools for teams

We understand your website is not only meant to be approachable, inviting, beautiful – or whichever aesthetic is most appropriate for your brand and audience – but a customized, high-performing platform to engage your (potential) customers, support organizational processes, and move the needle toward your business goals.

There’s an important distinction between maintaining visual language and crafting a scalable web design system that supports your content, considers SEO and ADA Compliance, delights your users, and serves your organization for years.

The websites we build serve an end goal – more leads, traffic, revenue, sign ups, brand equity – and our interdisciplinary teams of strategists, designers, copywriters, and technologists leverage research, creativity, and real world customer savvy to meet those ends.

Content-first web design

Our UX and Content Strategists ensure that your sitemap, functionality, and front end experience are entrenched in the content your users need and your organizational goals.

We provide website support for our clients’ sites after launch, but you won’t need us to manage content. We create content editing experiences that are intuitive, flexible, and scalable so you have control over your own content.

How we work with your team in the web design process

Web design is our bread and butter. We’ve worked within all sorts of permutations with our client organizations, and rightsize our engagement to your needs and goals:

You can build if you want to

We’ve collaborated with established development teams within both agile and waterfall processes to add additional expertise, velocity, or capacity to your web or product team.

You can leave your devs behind

With extensive CMS implementation experience – particularly with WordPress and Drupal – we’re ready to handle your website redesign end-to-end.

Let us show you

We’ve partnered with client organizations in the non-profit, healthcare, education, technology, and arts sectors to name a few. Don’t take our word for it – let the work speak for itself.

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Frequently asked questions about website design:

Our website needs an updated design, but we don't want a total rebrand – how can you help?

We love a rebrand, but understand that foundational concepts of your brand can still serve your organization, even when its visual expression no longer does. Through targeted web design exploration exercises – and competitive analysis if you’re game – we can triage, “face lift” and reinvigorate your brand to stay current through the life of your new website without significantly impact to your launch timeline.

We’re also happy to help apply new visual guidelines to other aspects of your brand presence to maintain a cohesive brand identity across platforms, on and offline.

How long does the web design process typically take, from start to launch?

There are many factors to creating – and sticking to – a web design timeline. Depending on your technology and content needs, budget, organizational size and alignment, and knowledge of your audiences, our website redesign engagements last anywhere from 4 to 12 months.

The design-focused phases of the project are comprised of design exploration, information architecture (sitemap and wireframes) and visual design, each with rounds of client feedback and iteration for each milestone.

How do you handle responsive web design and ensure the website looks great on different devices and screen sizes?

Our designers create comprehensive layouts (or “comps” for short) for mobile, desktop, and tablet during the visual design phase.

Our thorough quality assurance process tests the site iteratively as it’s built – both from the perspective of content editors and users – to ensure it’s accessible across the browsers and devices your audiences use.

In addition to writing into our scopes the platforms we test for, we build in phase(s) of client review in advance of launch.

Where is your team based?

Eastern Standard has its roots as a Philadelphia web design agency, but we are now a fully remote company with team members across the U.S. We leverage remote-work tools and methodologies to ensure smooth, effective collaboration across geographic lines. We’re also happy to coordinate travel if you’d like to meet our team in person!