WordPress Design & WordPress Development

Content tools and flexibility to create engaging, scalable web experiences – WordPress powers millions of high-performing websites.

Content Management meets Content Strategy

Our web design, UX, and development teams leverage the awesome power of WordPress to create engaging, user-friendly websites, optimize content for search engines, and seamlessly integrate your digital marketing efforts.

We customize the design and functionality of WordPress to work for your content, your audiences, and your team.

Visual Page Authoring & Content Creation Tools

WordPress’s powerful editing tools empower your content team to do more with WordPress than ever before. The “Gutenberg” content editor allows you to craft pages using powerful, customizable blocks. Photo galleries, pull quotes, videos, and a variety of other blocks can be added in any sequence to any page, freeing you from rigid templates that can’t evolve with your content. Our WordPress designers understand how to leverage these content tools for maximum impact while still creating unique and customized web design for your brand.

WordPress Integration

Our skilled WordPress development team connects WordPress to your other systems & third party products for seamless data sharing and integration. We integrate WordPress with marketing tools, analytics platforms, payment processors, and internal systems.

How we work with your team on your WordPress project

Our expert WordPress developers and project managers guide teams of all levels of tech savvy through our design and development processes; ensuring your team has the right information to make smart and lasting decisions about your website build.

We work with IT and technology teams through technical discovery to review security concerns, test integrations and data feeds, and establish launch requirements.

We offer right-sized WordPress training sessions for your content management teams – whether building foundational WordPress skills, or more advanced content management and page building strategies – to speak to user needs and create SEO value within our scalable design systems.

Frequently asked questions about WordPress Development:

Is WordPress the right choice for high-traffic websites or websites with thousands of pages of content?

WordPress has grown up quite a bit since its early days as a blogging tool. It’s now used by enterprises and major organizations, and powers nearly 40% of the web. WordPress can be found in every major industry including healthcare, B2B, software as a service (SaaS), nonprofit, professional organizations, destinations & tourism, and ecommerce.

Why Choose WordPress over Drupal?

Our team is very comfortable working in both WordPress and Drupal. We find both to be compelling tools, but each brings unique benefits depending on your needs. You can read more about comparing WordPress to Drupal on our Blog

Is WordPress secure?

WordPress’s early history was plagued with security issues, but increasing adoption, a wide network of developers, and a renewed focus on security has made WordPress a safe choice for organizations, enterprises, and companies of all sizes.

Do you build headless or decoupled WordPress websites?

Yes! We have considerable experience working with headless WordPress, including coupling WordPress with javascript frameworks such as React and Vue.

Do you design custom WordPress themes?

Yes: a majority of our sites use a custom WordPress theme, though we can also work with existing/out-of-the-box themes.

Can you work with Elementor or existing themes?

Yes – when we’re not creating a custom theme, we leverage platforms such as Elementor to provide additional tools on top of the default WordPress install.

Where is your Team Based?

Eastern Standard has its roots as a Philadelphia WordPress agency, but we are now a remote company with team members across the U.S. We use a variety of remote-work tools to ensure smooth, effective collaboration across geographic lines. We’re also willing to travel for key meetings and events!