Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Clear holistic strategy powered by both time-tested and emerging tactics. Our SEO approach is designed to increase traffic, improve conversion, and drive leads.

A Different Kind of SEO Company

Search engines use hundreds of signals to rank a website – you need a team that focuses on more than keywords.

Stay ahead of search engines

SEO is not a matter of finding cheat codes for Google’s algorithm.

Authentic useful content wins

Search engines understand content and assess the total search experience, so it’s critical that your content is optimized for your audience.

Tried-and-true technical SEO best practices combined with a user-centric, content-focused approach ensure your site is rewarded for providing authentic, valuable content.

Leveraging a variety of tools and methodologies, we explore your audience’s evolving search patterns and identify how search engines are changing their algorithms or user experience.

Report on what matters

Increasing organic traffic is the first goal in a successful SEO campaign, but we provide a more comprehensive look at the performance of your website.

Multiple data sources come together in our customized reporting, and provide insight into which topic areas or specific pages are driving the most leads.

From there, we optimize our approach using actionable insights rather than “vanity” metrics.

A Holistic SEO Agency

We provide the right short term SEO tactics and long term SEO strategy to generate leads and drive conversion.

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building
  • User Experience (UX) Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Analytics and Monitoring
  • Continuous Optimization
  • Gen-AI ready Website Content

How we work with your team

We provide strategy, not just tactics: our team surfaces data, insights, and actionable recommendations typically on a monthly cadence.

From there, you can leverage our team to craft content, enhance the user experience, fix technical SEO issues, and optimize pages for conversion, or execute the strategy in-house.

Our SEO clients see the most success with holistic engagements that include web support and content creation; our comprehensive approach to SEO helps you focus on the big picture while we sweat the small stuff for you.


Reach out Today

Our SEO team can evaluate your site’s performance, technical SEO, organic positioning, and user experience to provide a holistic approach to lead generation. SEO takes time because Google doesn’t respond immediately to changes to your site, so if you’re thinking about SEO, the time to start is right now!

Contact Our SEO Team

Frequently asked questions about SEO:

Do you provide creation of search engine optimized content?

Yes! We provide both a la carte and ongoing content creation services to our SEO clients . We also incorporate subject matter and industry experts into our engagements, and leverage AI and external data sources to inform our SEO content strategy. Our content team combines writers, UX strategists, and SEO strategists to create SEO content that also speaks to your end users and drives conversion.

Which SEO tools do you use?

We work with a variety of different SEO tools and can make recommendations for your specific needs. We most commonly use ahrefs and SEMRush alongside user experience and performance analysis tools such as Fullstory, Microsoft clarity, and Google Lighthouse.

How long is a typical SEO engagement?

We recommend a minimum of 6 months to implement an SEO strategy, and that SEO is incorporated into a holistic content marketing strategy. SEO and digital marketing engagements are structured as monthly retainers to provide ongoing analysis & optimization.

Where is your team located?

Eastern Standard has its roots as a Philadelphia SEO company and digital agency, but we are now a fully remote company. We use a variety of remote tools to stay connected with your team and maintain close collaboration as we help you reach your SEO goals.

Do you provide SEO for websites you didn't build?

Yes! Our company provides SEO and other website management services for our clients regardless of whether we built their site. We regularly inherit sites that are not optimized for SEO and get to work immediately on improving rankings and optimizing for conversion.

How is AI impacting your approach to SEO?

We use AI tools to help us alter or augment content, but our SEO approach is careful not to run afoul of Google’s helpful content guidelines. Overuse of AI can cause your search position to drop if Google sees the content as having little value to end users.

We also use our own homegrown AI search tool to ingest our clients’ site content and identify content gaps.

Do you provide SEO for B2B Companies?

Yes, a majority of our SEO clients are B2B companies or institutions looking to generate leads for their sales teams.  In addition to content strategy and technical SEO, we also provide user experience design to further optimize your site toward conversion.