PMC Property Group

Wide-ranging branding, strategy, and digital promotion for one of the East Coast’s largest residential real estate development firms


As a full-service marketing partner to PMC Property Group, Eastern Standard has helped drive the firm’s explosive growth over more than a decade.

PMC — which ranks as one of the largest residential real estate developers on the East Coast and the overall largest in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore — has nearly doubled its holdings. To augment that growth, we expanded omnichannel branding, strategy, and digital promotion initiatives for each property and the company as a whole.


Their corporate presence and property portfolio had disparate brand identities and websites that needed a unified presence to solve the current challenges and scale for the future.

Stakeholders needed a proactive partner to round out their team and identify, guide, and execute cohesive and effective brand, web, content strategy, and marketing initiatives.

rental units
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User Experience

We merged PMC’s legacy corporate and retail sites on a new shared web framework and expanded important internal marketing elements like case studies, corporate news, and team bios to create a cohesive user experience.

We gave PMC the ability to prominently promote properties as needed with a powerful leasing solution that pulls in real-time rents and availability via a feed from their Yardi RentCafe property management solution. Site managers can take promotions one step further by auto-populating data like building features, unit pricing, and availability to high-volume third-party property listing sites like Zillow and

Users can easily search apartments by opting into a geolocation feature that shows properties closest to their current location, or they can browse more traditionally by preferred city, neighborhood, price, number of bedrooms, and pet policies.

The leasing effort at Philadelphia-based 1900 Arch Street Apartments was a tremendous success, with 25+% of units rented in 60 days — before construction was even complete.

Web Design & Development

To generate more buzz and higher occupancy rates for flagship properties, we created 10 custom microsites using a component-based design framework in the Yardi CMS. These sites provide a more immersive experience that sparks excitement and action for prospective renters with a deep dive into property features and amenities, rich visuals, descriptions, and prominent calls to action.

Visual Design

We’ve helped PMC reiterate their brand strategy to stay a step ahead of peers and trends in the highly competitive residential and commercial real estate market for more than a decade — which included addressing the unique rental challenges posed during the COVID pandemic.

We designed and implemented a cohesive suite of distinct but related property identities, collateral marketing materials, and corporate branded assets — with new collections created as new properties come online.

Digital Strategy

We boosted interest, inquiries, and occupancy rates across key properties by designing and managing integrated promotional emails and ad campaigns — from print to paid search, display, and targeted social media placements.

To help PMC optimize search results and create remarketing campaigns targeting prospects by geography or areas of interest, we added lead reporting and queries to their websites with monthly analysis.

All solutions are created in a way that allows us to modify the concepts and roll out unique but consistently branded pages, sites, and collateral across multiple mediums for the client’s portfolio as it expands in the future.

“I stood on the corner this morning in front of 1900 and Googled ‘1900 Arch.’ The first five entries that show up on my phone relate to this property. Number one is the website, two is the Facebook page, three is images … I could not ask for better.”