Email Marketing

Nurture relationships with new and existing audiences with promotional and outreach email campaigns – an essential part of any omnichannel marketing strategy,

What You Need to Know About Email Marketing

Use email campaigns to drive website traffic, engagement, and conversions by sharing valuable information and incentives that speak to the needs of recipients based on audience research, website analytics, search and social media behavior, and even personal interactions.

Email is considered one of the most effective channels for marketing, with 79 percent of marketers placing it in their top 3 (and customers ranking it as #1).


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Email campaigns are a smart investment of your marketing dollars because they’re inexpensive to execute with strong ROI — estimated as high as 36:1 by HubSpot — and are effective at forging bonds with users and compelling them to make purchases and take other important actions.

The key is to communicate regularly via easy-to-read messages and clear calls to action that pique users’ interests and prompt them to click through to desired next steps.

The topics covered can range from timely trends to compelling personal insights, exciting product and service launches, limited-time promotions, seasonal sales, and more.

With segmented distribution lists and dynamic content that you can customize based on specific target user behavior, including past purchases, products viewed, price, geographic location, weather conditions — literally anything — the overarching question driving your strategy becomes, “Who am I emailing, and what do they want to hear from me?”

How we work with your team

If you have an existing email marketing and outreach program, we can help you evaluate and refine your approach.

If you haven’t yet ventured into these waters, we can help you create new ground-up programs featuring comprehensive content and audience-building strategies — including list sourcing and lead nurturing — paired with our team’s knowledge of technology, configuration tools, and implementation best practices.

In all cases, we analyze your organization’s audience behavior and search data, and then create tailored strategies that match your specific goals, needs, and budget.

Frequently asked question about Email Marketing:

What types of email marketing do you help with?

We help you create digital newsletters, content promotion, cold sales outreach, and email remarketing. We can also help you amplify your results by pairing your emails with paid retargeting display campaigns and social media advertising.

Can you help with content creation and implementation?

Yes, we provide turnkey content solutions, or we can collaborate and provide copy guidance for implementation by your team.

What e-mail marketing platforms do you typically use?

Eastern Standard has worked with most major customer relationship management tools (CRMs), marketing automation solutions, and email marketing platforms such as HubSpot, SalesForce, Mailchimp, and Wordify to name a few.