EverVet Partners

Comprehensive branding and growth strategies for a newly launched national veterinary acquisition and support firm


On the eve of a new company launch, nimble collaboration between our designers, strategists, and expert client partners powered a rapid company launch and impactful new brand assets — and planned for ample room to grow.


As EverVet Partners was preparing to enter the competitive veterinary practice acquisition space, they came to Eastern Standard for help in gaining a strong entry position by leveraging their team’s deep experience, focus on supportive long-term relationships, and unique ownership opportunities.


Pain Points & Challenges

With an ambitious 60-day timeline to brand launch, EverVet needed close and agile collaboration to create an impactful ground-up brand identity, website, and content marketing strategies to meet near-term goals and lay the groundwork for future growth.

SOLUTIONS: Strategy Meets Creativity

UX Research

Discovery workshops with key stakeholders and prospective sellers helped us hone in on their vision and goals, while leveraging opportunities to position EverVet’s principals as deeply experienced industry professionals who value flexible partnerships, authentic relationships, responsible growth, and long-term wealth creation for partner practices.

Competitor Analysis

A look at EverVet’s closest competitors revealed that a growing number of corporate conglomerates were dominating the local and national vet acquisition market with strategies that were largely impersonal, one-size-fits-all, and focused on quantity over quality. These findings provided timely opportunities to establish trust in EverVet as a newcomer with a novel, more customized approach that helped them stand out in this already crowded marketplace.

Brand Positioning

Based on our findings, we crafted recommendations to refine EverVet’s brand, create differentiation, and increase the effectiveness of positioning and communications efforts surrounding their launch as a new company. We set goals to ensure that new and undecided prospects clearly understand that EverVet represents a fresh take on the acquisition relationship — one that is partly defined by the practitioners themselves — with decisions that are driven by individuals who care about what is best for each pet, each practice, and the profession as a whole.

Through newly defined voice and personality attributes and messaging assets, we highlighted the firm’s guiding “for vets, by vets” philosophy, which helped to establish their authenticity and credibility with practice owners, even in the early stages of business development. We also made sure that their newly established core values — centered around teamwork, integrity, transparency, and empathy — were coming through loud and clear to prospects.

Takeaways included a brand positioning brief with an overview of the brand landscape and an integrated brand messaging guide offering direction on primary and audience messaging components, including a brand promise and refined mission, vision, and core values statements.

Visual Design

With our teams working in tandem, we created several design framework options that aligned with the new brand positioning in a way that was flexible yet consistent enough to work across many different contexts.

The warm, approachable, and non-corporate look and feel we created mirrors EverVet’s positive and energetic team and their compassion for pets and pet parents. The solutions include vibrant colors and a sans serif font that was neither too playful nor too cold, paired with images showing a balance of practitioners and staff — and more women reflected as a growing part of the industry.


In creating the client’s new WordPress site, our goal was to solve their immediate need for a fully responsive platform that allows prospects to learn more about them easily via any device. We also aimed to provide a landing point for outbound marketing efforts and organic traffic — with the ability to expand the site’s content, navigation, and functionality down the line. Drawing on the brand positioning and messaging brief, we adapted and applied various copy points to the site in a way that ties their messaging together cohesively with clear calls to action for prospects integrated into every page.

As EverVet moved into a more active growth and content marketing phase, we supported them on a variety of fronts, including compelling content strategy and a wide variety of copywriting projects, digital campaigns, direct mailers, presentation materials, and more.

Looking forward to seeing how this client continues to grow in the years to come!